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I am the admin of the page/blog Reviews, freebies, and more. My name is Nikki 

I am an avid reader and a writer. I have always found peace in a good book. Especially when things get too hectic with the family.I am reaching for a creative writing degree and possibly a teaching one as well. Writing for me is the same as my reason why I read. It helps me tell my story that I have in my heart. I know authors joke about having voices in their heads, but it's true. Voices that bug them until their story is written. A good story comes from the heart but also from a good amount of arguing with the characters.

The whole reason I created this page was to connect readers with some fabulous authors. I have never asked for anything other than that. I've met some awesome authors in the process and am glad that I started this page or I never would have been able to find them. I know how hard an author works to get their story written, published, and out to the reader. It takes a lot of time as well as money for editing and cover art.

The reviews on my page are all from books that I have read and are my honest opinion as well as a way to entice the reader into finding a new author they may like. Reviews help the authors more than most people know. They help the author know what they did wrong and what they did right. It is easy to forget that taking a few minutes of your time can help just as much as buying the book.

Anyways, that's who I am and I'm glad that you found this page.

Keep reading and sharing the book love!

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