Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review for Exposed Affections by Rene Folsom


*Sigh* First of all I am still on my Aiden/Coda high as I write this. Rene Folsom is frickin brilliant. Not only does she write a story that captures the audience, but she writes in such a way that makes it damn near impossible to put down. Shuttered Affections was a brilliant start to the Cornerstone series but to really get to the good and dirty fun you have to get into Exposed Affections. This book is NOT for anyone under the age of 18.

Coda and Aiden are attached to Julia not only because of their twin ESP but because she gives them each something that they need. While they are identical in a lot of different aspects, they are two very different people. It's not that hard to figure out which twin is which when they're around Julia. They both shower her in love and affection as well as make sure that they don't push her into anything that she wouldn't want. They are the perfect combination of a male that any woman would want. Protection, love, adoration and everything else that makes them the Stone twins.

Julia's life is good even though she is unsure of what she is allowed to want when it comes to the Stone brothers. She quickly learns that there are basically no barriers when it comes to them. They find it natural to share everything because they've done it their entire life. As Julia falls into the role of loving both Aiden and Coda, the shit ultimately hits the fan.

Rob is still stalking her and is now threatening people she cares for and doesn't want hurt. When things escalate with Rob, she learns just how precious life and love truly are. But, the bad doesn't end there. Julia is still put through hell as she lives with the aftermath of everything that happened.

But, you find out who your true friends are when you go through hell and see those who stick by you. Julia finds friends in Tanya as well as Bri and of course Sid her life long best friend.

Once Julia realizes that she is stronger than she sees herself as and that she has the support of two amazing men. Her life turns around her for and she gets what she's always wanted thanks to Coda and Aiden.

As a bonus Rene Folsom adds in the first four chapters of Shuttered Affections from Aiden's point of view. All in all Rene did an AMAZING job at wrapping up this series. While I'm sad to see the end of Coda, Aiden, and Julia I am glad to know that they got the ending they deserved as well as know that their story got told.

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