Friday, January 17, 2014

Reviews for the Knight trilogy by Kitty French

Knight and Play 

Steamy sex, a marriage on the edge, and a woman who is about to discover more about herself in the arms of her lover than she ever had in the arms of her husband.

Knight and Play follows the story of Sophie Black. She is in a marriage with a man that she wanted to spend forever with. Only thing is, her husband doesn't return the feelings. In a desperate attempt to change up her life, Sophie quits her job and goes to work at Knight Inc.

The instant that Sophie walks into Lucian Knight's office, she feels the draw to him. No matter how bad she wants to say that she is in love with her husband, there is the sexual pull that she can't deny between her and Mr. Knight.

Lucian Knight is a man who is quiet and doesn't want anyone in his private life. He runs a sex empire and isn't ashamed of it. He's cold when it comes to having personal questions asked and he's bored with the same old same old. He wants a change. All of that happens for him when he picks up Sophie's resume envelope and discovers that she sealed it with a kiss.

Knight and Black collide with a force that leaves the reader constantly turning the page because it's undeniable that you want to find out what happens in the end.

Will Sophie decide to go for the man who says he doesn't believe in love and has a past that he won't let anyone in on.

Or, will she stay with her cheating husband and keep telling herself that she's no better than he is?

Knight and Stay


Kitty French did it again. She took a combustible couple and threw them back together to make an explosive story.

Lucian wants Sophie back, but Sophie wants to get away from Lucian and her failed marriage. She even goes so far as to "resign" and go back to her old job.

But Sophie and Lucian can't stay away from each other. Sophie goes back to work at Knight Inc but this time shes's going back with rules. Or so she thinks.

When Lucian and Sophie go to Paris to oversee the construction of a new club, all the rules go out the window and Sophie finds herself coming back to life.

Knight and Day


Kitty French is an amazing author and I fell in love with Lucian and Sophie from book one. This is an amazing series to be able to follow and I would recommend it to anyone who isn't apposed to reading erotica.

Lucian and Sophie are back together again and are opening a new club. But, this time, Kara followed along.

As Sophie and Lucian go through all the steps that are needed to get the club up and running, Kara is left to her own devices. One of which includes running into Dylan.

Dylan is new to town and has a shady personality. How will he react to Kara and will he be able to work for Lucian in his newest club?

Pick up Knight and Play to read Lucian and Sophie's story from the beginning. You won't regret it.

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