Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review for Purple Heart by Christie A.C. Gucker

Sydney used to be a nurse in the Army helping soldiers who wouldn't make it cross over. When she got out she wanted to work with people she knew she could help; so she became a psychologist to vets.

Adien is a vet returning home. He's well decorated and about to become Sydney's only project.

The chemistry between them starts from their first meeting. The first handshake sends sparks down Sydney's body and only builds from there.

After inviting Adien into her home she realizes that she's added gas to the fire instead of watering it down. She dances around the fire as she freely expresses her feelings for Adien even without realizing it.

Can she continue to do her work while being around Adien both for work and for company? Read The Purple Heart to find out.

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