Friday, March 29, 2013

Review for Gabe's Plan by Andrew Stock

What does a Hollywood movie star, a district attorney with depression, and a cute scheming barista have in common besides the place where the story takes place?

Gabe is the district attorney with a history of depression but when his mental health gets worse he gets pulled into something crazy.

Chad is the movie star who comes back to Pine Springs for the election. While he's there he starts getting the hots for the local coffee shop barista. All he wants to do is show her a good time before going back to his next movie.

Kaila is the barista with a secret. She's in love with someone who doesn't even know it. In order to gain his attention she must do something drastic and that's where Chad comes in.

This book will hold your attention as the scheme of making Gabe notice Kaila unfolds.

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