Monday, April 1, 2013

Review for Eternally Bound by M.L. Stephens

It's no big surprise when I say that this is another brilliant work by M.L. Stephens. It captivates the reader into a world that they can't control but feel every moment of. Every emotion felt by the character is transferred to the reader as well as images of the surroundings and of how the characters look as described by someone else.

The time that Lucian gave Claire is approaching its end and neither Claire nor Hunter knows how to stop him yet. When Clyde tells them about the passageway to the tomb they both go down to discover that there really is a Greek goddess laying at rest there. With the help of some of Claire's loved ones, Hecate comes back to get the payment which is due to her...Lucian's soul.

Things are revealed that would anyone who is following the series. Not everyone is who they appear to be on the outside and everyone has a story that they don't want to tell anyone. Not to mention in some way each person is connected to the great Fontaine mystery in a way that they never knew.

Of course everyone knows that Claire is the recycled spirit of Claire who was Lucian's daughter and Ella is her half sister, but what do Susan, Reed, and Chad have to do with what happened so many years ago. As well as how Nate is involved not only by who he is named after but the promise that his family made to Claire's family. A promise that bound him to the land which the plantation resides on.

All is well that ends well and Hunter and Claire's future could start looking up after everything that they've been through.

Go read Eternally Bound to find out the secrets that are revealed...but if you haven't read book 1-3 then go pick those up and read them first. I promise that as soon as you get into the story you are sucked into a world that doesn't easily leave you.

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