Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review for Bind Me by Rene Folsom

Wow! This book was HOT! I couldn't tear myself away from it once I started. Just like Heart You, Rene Folsom did a great job!!

Lilly accidentally walked in on her roommate with another girl. Not only is she surprised at what he's doing, but she finds it hot. Thoughts of him doing the same to her dominate her until it becomes a reality.

Chaz had asked Lilly to be his date for a gallery opening. He planned on having his way with her when they got back home, but finds it hard with what she's wearing. After excusing themselves from the party, he takes her away and has his way with her. Not only does she love it, but she thinks that they have a chance at being more than a one night fling.

When they rejoin the party, he introduces her to people as HIS girl.

This is a very hot read but shouldn't be read by anyone under eighteen. Bind me contains some material that may not be suitable by younger readers.

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