Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review for Eyes of the Soul by Rene Folsom

Eyes of the Soul is not only book two in the Soul Seers series, it is also Jonah's point of view. This time every event that happens is how Jonah sees it and reacts to it.

At the end of book one Ella finds out that her dreams weren't real. In this one we see Jonah dreaming of Ella and how it effects him. For six years he's dreamed of her and not been able to really see what she looks like. He knows her eyes are amethyst and that's it. Suddenly one night he gets her whole vision. Her blonde hair, how her body looks, everything.

Jonah's father tries to understand but he doesn't want his son to be stuck on a woman that could turn out to not be real. He only wants his son to be happy. When he sees the picture that Jonah drew of her, he sees that he might know who she could be related to.

Jonah's mother is worried since he's not eating and always waking up heartbroken. She wants him to be healthy and she supports his dreams as much as she can. She always comes over to his apartment and leaves food for him just so she knows that he's eaten at least once that day.

At the end of the story Jonah meets a new member to his studio. Who is she though? Is she just another girl or is she the one that he's been dreaming of for the past six years? Read Eyes of the Soul to find out

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