Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cover Reveal for Losing Conner by Amanda Alberson


“This here is me favorite place.” He said.
His fingers ran lightly over the bark as we circled the trunk. My eyes followed the tree straight up into the heavens where the first stars were twinkling to life above us.
His sparkling green eyes cut towards mine as he leaned me against the tree, trapping me between his muscular arms.
“Cuz girl it’s the first place ever I kissed ya,”
I opened my mouth to say something, my words met by his soft lips. I sank into the warm, wet, wonderfulness of them. A silky warmth spread across me as the night air hummed. Our lips broke apart only long enough to for a quick breath before they ran to each other again. My head swam with the intensity of his kiss, his tongue flitting across my lips, teasing me. His hands became hot against my hips, as I kissed him hungrily, his mouth like sweet fresh berries. His lips pecked at mine then pressed in covering my mouth powerfully, before moving to my neck. The mix of his soft lips and the warmth of his breath on my skin pushed a soft sigh between my lips. The sound of it on the cool night air pulled him closer to me. He stopped and looked deeply into my eyes.
“By God you’re beautiful my Cassie girl.”


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