Friday, April 5, 2013

Review for Demon by Laura DeLuca

Wow! This is the perfect second book to Phantom. It was utterly unbelievable to read and kept my mind reeling as I tried to figure out how the play would come to life like it did with Phantom. The suspects for this one are ones that will throw the reader off what they think is happening.

Becca and Justyn are in college now and life seems to be going up after they leave the tragedy that unfolded on the stage of their high school. The horrible thoughts still linger in Becca's mind but with the new school and the new drama club she hopes that everything will turn out alright. It even starts to as the couple move into a small apartment off campus that they share.

The new play is just as dark as the last one and Justyn of course fits into it perfectly. Although tryouts are nerve wracking both get a part in the play. Justyn as the lead and Becca as a small but vital part to the play. Even if the character isn't the type of character that Becca would play willingly she knows that she must adjust to the role like any good actor/actress would do in order to prove herself to the ever criticizing professor.

Becca found a filer for a rapist on campus from the previous semester and thinks nothing of it thinking that the person was caught, besides she knows she's not his type being that her hair isn't blonde. But when something happens and leaves Justyn at home sick, she is forced to get home alone and gets caught in the trap of the very person she thought had been caught.

The rest of the book plays out as Becca struggles to move back into her everyday routine but finding that she can't because of the terrible accident that befell her. With the help of Justyn's mother she is able to though until she hears that Megan, her one and only girl friend, has had the same thing happen to her.

As the book ends the reader finds out who the rapist is and how is is related to a girl who is desperately trying to steal Justyn from Becca. The relationship is shocking and unforeseeable. This was another great book by Laura DeLuca and I look forward to reading book three!

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