Monday, April 29, 2013

Review for Naked Submission by Emily Jane Trent

Natalie and Tanner are back for more.

Natalie is about to start school and is finishing up the last minute details such as registration. when Tanner calls her upset that she had lunch with her best friend who is also a guy she realizes that Tanner is having her followed and is doing things that she should be doing on her own. Tanner is turning out to be obsessive, possessive, overly protective as well as overly jealous.

He doesn't want Natalie talking to any other males because he sees how beautiful she is and knows that any male in their right mind would want her, but he wants her for himself. He wants to her to submit to him, and he'll use any method of "punishment" to get her to submit to him.

Will Natalie be able to follow her dreams and do what she's always wanted to do? Or will Tanner take over her life consuming every minute of her day as well as consuming her mind and body?

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