Monday, April 22, 2013

Review for Awaken by Christal M. Mosley

What happens when all your life you've lived normal until your sixteenth birthday? Then you start having strange dreams and loosing memories? That's what's happening to Coralie.

"It's not fair that you are unable to remember the colors in your life...because that's what memories are, they are colorful moments that we can relive over and over again...some are good, and some aren't, but it's from those that we learn from..."

For Coralie life was normal until her sixteenth birthday. Then she started to have weird dreams and loosing memories. Not to mention she started feeling like someone was constantly watching her.

Then Court came into her life. Court is determined to keep her safe and tell her the secret that her parents have yet to tell her. He wants to make sure that she continues to live and that her enemies don't get a hold of her.

Secrets and lies can lead to a dangerous life which is exactly what is about to happen to Coralie. Check out Awaken to find out how everything plays out.

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