Monday, March 25, 2013

Review for Voices of the Soul by Rene Folsom

Holy WOW! This is an exceptional book. The ending blew my mind away. Knowing that this is a series makes me want to go get the rest of them and just sit and read them to find out what all happens next. I can not believe this, my mind is still reeling after having finished it.

Ella is a college girl who lost her mother six years ago but is also a girl with a gift. She is able to hear the thoughts of others. While in an art class, a new student comes in. Not only is he like her, but he has an interest in her! After class they spend time together and Ella is unable to stop thinking about him. Later that night Jonah and Ella go on a date. Everything ends well when they go back to her house.

Just as things start to heat up, the unexpected happens.....

Go read Voices of the Soul to find out what happens between Ella and Jonah.

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