Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Desiree Deorto promo tour


Desiree Deorto twists a tale in The Prophecy that's sure to delight and keep you turning the pages. This is a tour about the girl behind the story.

1.       Who is your favorite boy band?

     My favorite WAS N'SYNC. Was in love with Lance Bass. Even wrote 'Mrs. Bass' over all of my notebooks and had their posters up on my walls.  Unfortunately, he came out of the closet.  Totally yay for him, sticking up for who he is, but totally crushed my girly daydreams;)

2.       What was your first “fangirl” moment?
     That would be when I got Heather Hildenbrand's phone number.  She's an awesome person and a great friend. I was flipping out the first time she texted lol.

3.       Favorite song ever? (Top 5 if you can’t decide)
      Sorrow by Flyleaf, Prayer by Disturbed, Skyfall by Adele, Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons AND Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

4.       If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

     A new car. I would love to be the object of so many peoples amazing reactions.

5.       What’s your favorite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?

     I don't like to wake up, so that's invalid.  BUT no one should talk to me before my first cup of coffee. That is highly dangerous to do.


"I'm a stay-at-home mother of four (no, it isn't very glamorous unless you have a fascination with diapers and baby puke)who finally decided to grow a pair and follow one of my passions: writing. I've been known to throw glitter and threaten people with unicorns. I hate writing biographies because they make me feel really 'look at me! Look at me!' when I'm really one of those '*waves hand* this is not the person you were looking for* type. I hope everyone enjoys my books, and look forward to providing more books that everyone will love!"

Finish the sentence game Desiree was nice enough to participate in!

1.       Vampires are… REALLY FREAKING HOT!

2.       I met a witch and asked her… to turn  my ex into a frog

3.       So I had this… tiny purple elephant....

4.       When he walked in… I couldn't breathe. It was like the center of his gravity drew all of the things needed to survive into him, taking my essence with him.

5.       I have the weirdest… pinky toe ever!

6.       Why can’t I… get a decent cup of coffee around here. Seriously, I need to move to Italy.

1.       Did you do any fun background research for The Prophecy?

    I love research! I have a fascination with mythology and any type of folklore.  It's really fascinating to me and there are a million stories that can be created from it.  I kept gettting sidetracked though, and had to tear my eyes away from all the abundant information out there and just focus on what I was looking for.

2.       How did you come up with the title?

    That was  rather easy.  There's a prophecy about Star and her line, thus, The Prophecy.   The key element in all the books are what the title are.  For instance, the second book is called The Betrayal.  Now you know what will happen in it, but you don't know with whom or how it will change everyone's lives evil laugh

3.       If you could change ONE thing about your novel, what would it be? Why?

    I don't really think I would want to change anything.  I know that I'll always want it to be more perfect, but I'm pretty much happy with how it turned out.  I'll drive myself crazy and never be able to publish if I keep looking for the elusive perfection.  Happiness is all I ask for from any of my work.

The people of Shiloh, Virginia thought it was just a story. A legend to keep children from misbehaving. A challenge to prove you have courage. What they didn't know was that it was real. All of it was real.

When Starlette McKinley moved from the sparkling lights of LA to the sleepy town of Shiloh, she didn't know that she would be the catalyst. She didn't know that the rage and energy pulsing through her would be the key to unleashing an insurmountable power that would either be the saving of mankind, or its destruction.

The blood will run, and the prophecy will be revealed. But will she be able to overcome the insurmountable odds? Or will she succumb to the energy within, welcoming the darkness that has become her only friend.

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