Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review for Nick's Deliverance by Crystal Lea

Nick's life was good, for the most part. She had a job, an apartment, and regularly saw her mother. While her past wasn't ideal, her future hopefully was.

That was until the demon lord Reaver came into her life. From there things got a little...weird.

Reaver comes to collect on a debt that Nick didn't even know she had; how could she? She didn't make the deal with him. But, once the debt is settled, Nick finds herself in a whole new life.

She is now in service of both Heaven and Hell. Reaver is the one who is helping her train so she can do her job and her deal will be fulfilled.

But, Nick soon founds out the job is a lot easier said than done. She has to find it in herself to do it so that her end of the deal can be fulfilled and she can be released from working for Reaver.

She also falls in love with Reaver and would do anything to help him or rather save him from the pain he brought on himself when he was trying to defend her.

In order to save Reaver, Nick strikes a new deal. A deal she knows she can fulfill.

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