Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review for Animal Nature by Susan Charles

Sonya is stuck in a pack that she didn't ask to be a part of. While stuck here, she is given a bodyguard. None other than Ben (her brother in law)'s second in command.

Clay is constantly having to chase Sonya down when she runs off. Or having to stand under a tree for hours because she refuses to get down. He isn't a pup anymore and is reaching the age that most would consider the age to mate. Yet here he is stuck on babysitting duty to Sonya.

After Sonya realizes that she does nothing but disrespect and humiliate Clay, she decides that she should mate with him. Plus mating with him would give her back her freedoms. With the upcoming snowstorm, she knows exactly how to get him to agree to it (or so she hopes.)

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