Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review for Angel Omega: Imprisonment by Brandon Lee Godbee

 4/5 stars

There are a lot of stories of demons and angels. Stories of how Lucifer was kicked out of heaven and how angels and demons roam the Earth.

But this is a story of different proportions. Vivid imagery and a story that will capture your attention as well as your heart. There is nothing in this book that is predictable to the reader.

How does an angel live in a mortal body on Earth? How does he adapt while he tries to get back in to heaven to be with his family and to help fight in the battle with Lucifer.

Betrayal, love, and hope are the main themes of this story. No one character gets the spotlight while another gets shoved in the dark. Each character gets their time in the sun and is consider a major part of the story.

Read Angel Omega: Imprisonment to follow all the different journeys of several characters whose lives depend on each other.

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