Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review for Unbreakable Hearts by Amanda Bennett


The final installment of the Broken series. It's a great ending to a great series and really wraps things up for Bennett and Gray.

Even after all that they've been through, Gray and Bennett still find that it's easy to love each other unconditionally. Charlie is the light of their life and so is the newest edition to their family.

Even though they don't have to worry about Raylon anymore, the worry isn't gone yet. But they manage to push through it and become stronger because of it. Neither of them would give up what they have for any other day in the world. They are utterly happy and it is amazing to watch their love grow even after all that they've been through.

Hannah and Theo have their own problems but like Gray and Bennett they push through it and become stronger because of it.

There are two new friends added to their group at the end of the book but it makes things better. Bennett and Gray are happy and have two beautiful babies to prove it. Hannah and Theo are happy but also have a changed life style which they both settled into nicely.

This is a great book and I'm sad to see the series end but I like how it ended and feel like everything was wrapped up nicely. Even though their problems aren't like they used to be, they still have problems and I think that adds to the character development and helps the reader connect to the character. It was another amazing story by Amanda Bennett!

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