Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review for Blind Sight (Book one of the Celadon Circle) By Nicole Storey


What would you do if you never knew if tomorrow would be your last day? If you had one brother who hated you, one who loved you, a guardian angel, and an uncle who was more like your father, would you be able to survive?

Seventeen year old Jordan does it on a daily basis. She has seen more evil in her life than most see in their entire lifetime, yet she's still strong and fighting through it all. Jordan is what is known as a seer. She has visions of evil and the things that it does. Then she relays the information to her brothers, Quinn and Nathan so that they can go track down said evil and kill it. This has been her entire life for as long as she can remember, until now...

When Jordan doesn't do as she's told, she is punished not only physically, but emotionally as well. She learns a few things about one of her brothers that she probably never wanted to hear. Not only that but she is now being visited by demons on a daily basis.

When she's forced to go on a hunt with her brothers and uncle, she soon realizes that her whole life was a lie. The demons are coming out of the woodwork and telling her that she belongs to them. Plus, her guardian angel jumped ship. Could life get any worse for Jordan?

When faced with certain death as well as the death of her family, she decides that death would be the lesser of two evils. She'd rather be dead than live alone without her brothers and uncle. Does Jordan get her wish? Or does something derail that and make her life worse than she ever thought possible?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story because it was one of the ones that you can't put down after you pick it up. The author did a splendid job at not giving any details away until she was ready to reveal them. I can't wait to see what's in store next for Jordan and her family.


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