Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review for September Tango by Scarlett Jade


This is a sweet story of not only finding your true love but of healing a broken heart and overcoming the things that people will throw at you.

Zoe is a small town girl who is trying to make her life around her father constantly being gone and the town going under around her. She also has to deal with her ex-boyfriend who was having sex with someone one she considered to be her best friend.

Calvin is in the military and home on R&R. He's home mainly to see his grandparents, his sister, and visit his parents grave since he wasn't able to come home for their funeral. Never did he except to find what he found when he returned to the small town he grew up in.

Zoe and Calvin compliment each other and help each other get over the things in their life that they need to get over. They heal the broken parts of their heart and show each other what love truly is.

It's easy to get sucked into their story and start to feel for the characters. Some parts will make you laugh, a few will make you cry, but all in all you'll fall in love with Calvin and his charm and Zoe for how unique she is.

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