Monday, July 29, 2013

Cover reveal for Unbreaking the Broken by Edi Cruz

"Unbreaking the Broken" (estimated release date: Late August/early September 2013)


Eva Foster grew up desperate for love. She thought she found it with her boyfriend, but the relationship was a one-way street. She didn’t realize that what she thought was love for Allen Heckler, was truly nothing but fear embedded by him. She dealt with his treatment, until the one night, things changed. She thought she was finally free. But was she?

Colin Caddick, a detective called to a case that went from assault and battery to something more, suddenly had to fight with himself to keep his professionalism separate from his personal feelings. Something from his past kept him from letting go of Eva Foster even long after the case was over.

Eva’s devastation made her feel like she couldn’t love again. She was afraid to. Her heart was broken to smithereens and she just knew that there was no fixing it. Colin, though hurt before, was determined to be the one that will heal her. Can two damaged hearts unbreak each other?

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