Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review for Secrets of the Soul by Rene Folsom

By far the hottest book in the Soul Seer series! I loved this book from the beginning to the end.

Rene picks up this one after Jonah saves Ella from her fall in the bathtub. He takes her to her room and lays her on her bed. The situation looks bleak so he calls his father and the doctor so that he can try and figure out a way to save Ella. But, the cure is closer than he thinks.

Even though Jonah isn't getting the answers he needs from his father, he finds that he is the one that can save Ella through their bond.

After Jonah saves Ella, he and her have a steamy meeting in a field of lavender flowers, only to be interrupted by who Ella thought was her best friend and Jonah knows as someone who works at his studio.

Afterwards, Ella and Jonah go to his apartment for some quality time that ends up with them getting what they didn't get to do before.

But, is this all there is for Ella and Jonah or will they end up having to split up because soul seers can't stay together. Can they beat the odds and find out how the bond of theirs works?

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