Friday, July 12, 2013

Review for Mangled Hearts by Felicia Tatum

I was hooked from the first sentence in this book. The character development is utterly amazing, one of the best in a book by far in my opinion. Francesca and Cade will captivate your heart and make you not want to put the book down.

Francesca is the usual girl who works hard to try and better her life but also to get over the hurt that she's suffered in her past. She's been hurt by the one person she never wanted to hurt her. The hurt from him seems to blow up ten times worse than what she'd feel if it was from someone else.

Cade is the bad boy who doesn't want to change until the love of his life comes back. Then he'd do any and everything to change for her and get her back in his life.

The two together are an amazing couple. They complete each other.

When the two of them get back together, it's in tears, heartache, but also an intense night of passion that just goes to prove that the two of them belong together. Although things go downhill after their night together, things start to look up again when Cade finally admits that he needs help and wants to get better.

The ending leaves an opening for what is to come for Francesca and Cade. The future is looking bright for the couple not to mention promises to be filled with more hot and passionate nights like the one they shared before it all went downhill.

Heartache, drama, redemption, friendship, passion, and love all come to mind when trying to describe Mangled Hearts. Nothing would describe it better than to say that Francesca and Cade are perfect together and that they wouldn't be Francesca or Cade without the other.

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