Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review for Something to Believe In by M.K. Oien

Simon and Mackaela are the couple that most wouldn't see coming together if they were looking at them from a distance, but once you dig into the character and what their past holds, you soon realize that the two of them will never find someone better for them but each other.

Mackaela aka Kael is a twenty-one year old with a tortured past. While she doesn't open up to just anyone, she does open up to Mickey (her best friend) because he's been the only one there for her through everything. While she was growing up her father left and then her mother went crazy after an incident that happened. From that point on Mackaela has shut herself off to everyone except for Mickey.

Mackaela's job isn't one that is considered glamorous but it pays the bills and it helps Mickey out with his business. Mackaela never thought of how to get out of it and has all but given up the idea of getting out. She sees her only out as when Mickey decides to hand the business over and settle down with someone. That is until she meets the other Silver brother.

Simon is back helping his brother with the business to keep himself out of trouble and to settle down and get enough money to do what he really wants to do with his life. His first job? Pick up a payment for a shipment. The second? To show one of the men that Mickey is in business with that he can't manhandle Mackaela. From the instant he lays eyes on her he feels different for her. He feels the need to protect her and always be there for her. The only challenge is will she allow him to be.

Tensions grow as Mackaela and Simon go through their ups and downs trying to balance their feelings for each other in such a way that Mickey won't find out about them. Are they able to do it or does Mickey find out? Will Mickey be mad at his brother or will he be happy for the two of them?

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