Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review for Desperately Entwined by Emily Jane Trent

Natalie and Tanner's final chapter

Tanner is expanding his business and making sure that the money for the charities and such that he is raising are going to the right places and not into the wrong hands.

Natalie is trying to replace her assistant and keep up with all the business that is coming to her.

Both are just trying to keep things in order so that they can enjoy each other. Tanner is still jealous of Natalie even talking to another guy but the truth of why he is finally comes out. With that comes Natalie revamping her wardrobe.

Jazzy and Ellis are making a few changes of their own by opening a restaurant so that they have a way to support a future family.

In the end, Natalie gets Tanner permanently. No more need for the insane jealousy that Tanner feels every time she talks to someone else or the slight twang she feels when he's with another woman.

Read Desperately Entwined to find out how Tanner and Natalie's story ends. 

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