Monday, July 8, 2013

Review for Share You by Rene Folsom

Holy.... goodness!!!

This book is one of those that you just CAN'T put down because you have to know what happens next.

This is an adult book (18+ only) It contains m/f/f sexual content.

Kelli and her husband Nick are looking for a tenant so that they can make a little extra money but also save someone else some money. After several interviews, Kelli is about to give up until a motorcycle pulls up.

At first Kelli is slightly confused thinking that this will be another no on the roommate position they are trying to fill. That's until she meets who is hiding under the helmet.

Ava and Kelli hit it off instantly as if they'd been friends forever. Not only that, but Kelli starts having thoughts of things she'd like to do to Ava.

Kelli tells her husband of these fantasies and they are safe with him....until they aren't.

What happen when your roommate finds out that you fantasize about kissing her among other things?

Read Share You to find out exactly what goes down between Nick, Kelli, and Ava.

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