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Blog tour for Incomplete by Lindy Zart

Book Info-
By- Lindy Zart
Expected Publication Date-September 6th

There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:
1. His existence was a mistake.
2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.
3. He loves her anyway.




“So you’re suddenly talking to me?” Her face scrunches up.
“You tell me to leave you alone—“ Lily takes a step toward me.
“I didn’t—“
“You tell me I disgust you—“ She is almost to me now.
“Say that. I—“
“You want absolutely nothing to do with me for weeks, but now you’re blocking the exit? What are you—“
“Just need to talk to you. It’s not—“
“What you think. Or maybe it is…” I trail off, the silence between us profound, awkward.
Lily shoves me hard. My legs get tangled up in the cart and I land on my ass on the cold linoleum.
“I guess I deserved that.”


“What are we doing here?” Lily asks as I shut and lock the door behind us, laughing when I wiggle my eyebrows at her. Her eyes narrow. “What deviant things do you have planned?”
“What deviant things do you want me to have planned?” I flip a set of light switches and the bar is partially lit up.
She shrugs. “You brought me to your favorite place. What do you intend to do with me?”
“Don’t you know by now?” I slowly make my way to her, my eyes trailing up the length of her black shorts and purple tank top and fixating on her eyes.
“Know what?” Lily swallows, fidgeting as I advance.
You, Lily Jacobs, are my favorite place.”
Lily starts to reply as I grab her around the waist and spin her around, loving the sound of the giggle she lets out, loving the way she feels in my arms, just loving her. Around and around we go, until I’m dizzy, until I try to stop and stumble instead. Lily squeals, clutching my arms when I sway on my feet. I stop us with my back against the edge of the counter of the bar, each of us catching our breath.
“Grayson, we’re in a bar.”
“What are we doing here?”
I look around said bar, my eyes lingering on the jukebox in the far corner of the room. “We’re going to play music.”
“Music. Got it.”
A grin captures my mouth. “And we’re going to dance.”
Lily nods her head. “Dancing. Check.”
“And maybe even sing.”
“I am not singing, Grayson!”
“Aw, come on. It’ll be fun. We can sing a duet, Sonny and Cher or something.”
Something that sounds strangely like a curse is muttered by Lily and my grin deepens as I start the jukebox. ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ by Avril Lavigne slams through the room, causing Lily to jump.
“Did you even ask your bosses if this was okay? Are we going to be arrested?” she shouts, cupping her mouth with her hands.
An eye roll is the only acknowledgement her words get. I walk into the open room used for EY, stop in the middle of the room, and motion to her. “Come on. Don’t be shy.”
Her arms uncross and she does an eye roll especially for me, but Lily is smiling. She sporadically shakes her hips as she makes her way to me, dipping backward at one point and making my mouth go dry. She defied the laws of gravity with that move. My girlfriend is awesome.
“Okay, Grayson. You asked for it. Just remember that,” she says as she tugs the ponytail holder from her hair and shakes out the black waves. Lily messes up her hair, purses her lips, and starts jumping up and down in a circle, completely shameless as she jams out to Avril. I watch her, mesmerized and astounded, and so completely turned on it is embarrassing.
She grabs my hands, pulling me along with her. We move together, ours hips bumping, our fingers entwining and releasing, laughing as we give in to the pull of the beat. ‘Cecilia’ by Simon and Garfunkel plays after that. I sing along, bouncing to the music, Lily grinning widely as she dances with me. Endless minutes pass with us in the throes of sound and being carefree. This moment, right now, is one I will cherish for all time. Even as I am living it, I understand the significance of this span of time. We are free, laughing, and in love.   


Aidan hesitates, hovering over my shoulder. “Grayson?”
“Why did you and Lily break up?”
I shut the laptop and get to my feet, causing Aidan to backpedal. Pain usually slashes through me at the sound of her name and this time is no different.
Glasses back on my face and straightened once, twice, three times, I finally meet my brother’s eyes. “Because she wanted me to do something for myself, regardless of what I wanted. She was unselfish.”
A frown fits to his mouth. “Isn’t that a good thing?”
“Not when the end result is my heart being ripped out, Aidan, no. I wanted her to be selfish, to want me more than anything. Only she didn’t. She wanted to do the right thing. You know what happens to people that do the right thing, Aidan?”
He stares at me, not speaking, maybe not even understanding the semi-rant I’m on. “What?” Aidan finally asks.
“They aren’t happy. And the person they’re doing the right thing for…they aren’t happy either.”
“So I should do the wrong thing all the time?”
I toss my hands in the air. “Why not?”
Eyes rolling, I sigh with exasperation. “Not okay. Don’t listen to me. Ever. You should know that by now.”
“Okay.” Aidan slowly nods.

About the Author-
Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.

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