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Review for Soul Seers Box Set by Rene Folsom


An amazing series that keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. Rene Folsom is the queen at cliffhangers. 

Jonah and Ella are in the middle of the world that they thought they knew, but it turns out that they really don't know it at all. All sorts of twists and turns are thrown at them but yet, they stay strong. 

Voices of the Soul: Holy WOW! This is an exceptional book. The ending blew my mind away. Knowing that this is a series makes me want to go get the rest of them and just sit and read them to find out what all happens next. I can not believe this, my mind is still reeling after having finished it. 

Ella is a college girl who lost her mother six years ago but is also a girl with a gift. She is able to hear the thoughts of others. While in an art class, a new student comes in. Not only is he like her, but he has an interest in her! After class they spend time together and Ella is unable to stop thinking about him. Later that night Jonah and Ella go on a date. Everything ends well when they go back to her house. 

Just as things start to heat up, the unexpected happens.....

Go read Voices of the Soul to find out what happens between Ella and Jonah.

Eyes of the Soul: Eyes of the Soul is not only book two in the Soul Seers series, it is also Jonah's point of view. This time every event that happens is how Jonah sees it and reacts to it.

At the end of book one Ella finds out that her dreams weren't real. In this one we see Jonah dreaming of Ella and how it effects him. For six years he's dreamed of her and not been able to really see what she looks like. He knows her eyes are amethyst and that's it. Suddenly one night he gets her whole vision. Her blonde hair, how her body looks, everything.

Jonah's father tries to understand but he doesn't want his son to be stuck on a woman that could turn out to not be real. He only wants his son to be happy. When he sees the picture that Jonah drew of her, he sees that he might know who she could be related to.

Jonah's mother is worried since he's not eating and always waking up heartbroken. She wants him to be healthy and she supports his dreams as much as she can. She always comes over to his apartment and leaves food for him just so she knows that he's eaten at least once that day.

At the end of the story Jonah meets a new member to his studio. Who is she though? Is she just another girl or is she the one that he's been dreaming of for the past six years? Read Eyes of the Soul to find out

Truths of the Soul: Rene Folsom has me hooked! Every time she puts out a new book in the Soul Seer series, I have to read it right then! I am in LOVE with this series. Ella and Jonah have a very special place in my heart. 

Does fate ever play a hand in life? It would appear for Ella and Jonah that it does. After Ella wakes up from her coma, she believes that Jonah is just a figment of her imagination. A delightfully wonderful dream that she had while she was in her coma. Only, she soon finds out that he is real. 

Jonah first sees Ella when she comes in with her mother. He watches her from a distance scared to talk to her. Scared that if he touches her, she'll explode into glitter fire like she did in his dreams. He asks Jay who her mother is and when he hears her name, it all clicks for him. His Ella is real!

When Ella comes back alone, he finally gets the nerve to talk to her. The two talk and have a good time while she is there in the studio with him. When she goes home, he's not ready to let her go and calls her to ask her out on a date.

To find out how the date goes, you HAVE to pick up a copy of Truths of the Soul. The ending is one that will kill you but keep you holding on until the next is released. Changes are coming for Ella and Jonah...but are they good or bad?

Blood of the Soul: Ai yi yi! This is one of the best ones yet in my opinion. Rene Folsom does a great job at keeping the reader wanting more Ella and Jonah. This has both heat and mystery. 

"I just showed the man that I am all too quick to run for the hills when things get a little intimidating." 

Jonah and Ella have a rocky start but quickly everything is set back into place when they both admit to each other that things are moving a little fast for their first day together. Although they've known each other for six years in their dreams, things are different in real life.

" The abrupt and passionate movement caused several drops of rain water to fall from his hair and cascade between my cleavage." 

Throughout their first date, Jonah and Ella get a little hot and heavy several times, but each time they are stopped because Jonah doesn't want to push Ella and she said she wasn't ready. They both want what the other has to give, but they don't want to mess up a good thing. As long as things are looking up, the want to keep doing things the way they are.

"What was odd about this day is, my father usually forbade me to donate blood...ever." 

Ella and Jonah are finding that they seem to be connected by more than just love. Their hearts beat as one and when Ella talks about pain, Jonah feels it. Can the two lovers be connected by blood as well as love?

Rene Folsom is notorious for leaving a cliffhanger that leads into the next book. The ending of this one makes me antsy for what the next one might bring. There are so many things that can happen between Ella and Jonah and their situation. There are truths to be told and answers to be found. But will they find those answers and still be together? 

Secrets of the Soul: By far the hottest book in the Soul Seer series! I loved this book from the beginning to the end. 

Rene picks up this one after Jonah saves Ella from her fall in the bathtub. He takes her to her room and lays her on her bed. The situation looks bleak so he calls his father and the doctor so that he can try and figure out a way to save Ella. But, the cure is closer than he thinks. 

Even though Jonah isn't getting the answers he needs from his father, he finds that he is the one that can save Ella through their bond. 

After Jonah saves Ella, he and her have a steamy meeting in a field of lavender flowers, only to be interrupted by who Ella thought was her best friend and Jonah knows as someone who works at his studio.

Afterwards, Ella and Jonah go to his apartment for some quality time that ends up with them getting what they didn't get to do before. 

But, is this all there is for Ella and Jonah or will they end up having to split up because soul seers can't stay together. Can they beat the odds and find out how the bond of theirs works?

Hearts of the Soul: The final chapter in the Soul Seer series! I'm sad to see it end but a lot of things were wrapped up and even an ending that leaves the reader questioning what they thought they knew before. 

Ella and Jonah are still together and still working out the things that happened when they found out that Ella has Jonah's blood in her. Their parents answered as much as they could but that still left a few things open that they had no clue about. 

Plus, the woman that Ella thought was her best friend has a different role in all of this. She has a personal interest in Ella's case but no one knows until she tells them. 

Jonah is still running his art studio with his best friend and now Ella. He's still head over heels in love with her and wouldn't change it for anything in the world, even if it is against the laws of their kind.

When they finally meet with the council.....

Bet you thought I'd give something away didn't you. Sorry but you'll have to pick up Hearts of the Soul to find out what happens with Ella, Jonah, and all their friends and family.




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