Monday, September 9, 2013

Review for Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon


This is another one of those books that I want to give more than five stars to. If I had my choice on this one, it would be a million stars. I absolutely adored this book. I stayed up day and night to be able finish it because it was so good and I've been waiting that long for it.

Styxx is one of those characters that because of what you know from other character's points of view, you hate him. He sounds like an arrogant ass who no one wants to be around. Only, this book will change your point of view forever.

No one knows what happened in Styxx's past, but now you do. All the horrible things that happened to him to make him into the man he was and becomes. All the people in his life that happened to slip past people because they only saw a prince. They thought that because he was a prince, he was handed the world on a silver platter. Only it was the exact opposite for him.

While trying to make it through life, all Styxx wanted was to be accepted and loved. But more than anything, he wanted his brother by his side as they had been when they were children. After Estes took Acheron from them, his life wasn't the same. He didn't have anyone who accepted him or loved him like Ash had. Ryssa didn't like him and blamed him for Ash being taken. His father was constantly questioning his parentage, but only because of Ash's eyes.

As Styxx grew up, he learned that being alone was better than being surrounded by people who would never love him or see him the way that he wanted them to. He learned to stick up for himself and do anything in his power to make sure his father didn't take his wrath out on him any longer. As soon as he grew up and was able to keep his father's wrath from him, he lived a relatively happy life....sort of.

Styxx meets Bethany and falls in love, but before he knows it he is being sent off to war. The years he spends way from Bethany break his heart, but he bares it knowing he'll be able to go home to her. To the love he feels when he's with her.

Even through the ups and downs of his life, Styxx is able to hold on to the parts of him that no one will ever be able to take away. War, hate, death and so much more plague him, but he stays true to who he is.

There are three sides to every story. Your side, the other side, and the truth that lies in between. To learn the truth that lies between Ash and Styxx, read what Styxx has to say about his life. Then figure out the truth on your own.

"The gods make kings, fools, and pawns of us all. In equal turn, but not in equal length." ~Savitar.


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