Friday, September 20, 2013

Review for Her Soundtrack by R. Matthews


This was a great romance book. Not only did it keep the reader interested, but it shows the change in a woman who goes from doing what others what to doing what she wants.

Gabriella is a devote daughter who does everything that her parents want of her to make them proud. She has also been a loyal girlfriend to David for four years. That was until her graduation trip with her parents.

Out of character for Ella, she goes to a party alone and meets Jonathan. While with Jonathan, she does things she's never done before. Before it can go too far, she quickly leaves not thinking that she'd ever see him again..but she was wrong.

Back home Ella is a nurse in the new cancer ward at the hospital a few blocks from her townhouse. She's still loyal to David, but somehow knows that it's not going to work. Just when she thinks that, Jonathan comes back in her life.

How does Jonathan take Ella from being the woman who does everything that she's told to a woman who thinks for herself and does what will make her happy? Does Ella stay with David, or does she leave him and go to Jonathan?

Pick up Her Soundtrack by R. Matthews to find out the answers...




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