Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review for Beautiful Downfall by Scarlett Jade


Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel?

Camille does. She witnessed her parents death and ever since then has not been the same. She's lost all her friends and refuses to come out of her house except to go to therapy. In her dreams she keeps seeing the most amazing man and finds that she doesn't want to live without him.

Even when she starts to live her life again, she doesn't want to have to let him go.

Casey is an angel working for redemption. He didn't live his life the way he should have and now is trying to make up for it by helping people like Camille. But, the more time he spends with Camille the less he wants to leave her, even though he knows he has to.

When both parties don't want to let go...what happens? How will this affect Casey's redemption?

Scarlett Jade is an amazing author and catches the attention of the reader from the very beginning. She writes in such a way that makes it hard to put it down. Each book (that I've read) has some of the most incredible love stories that overcome everything that is thrown at them. She is definitely an author worth checking out if you haven't already.



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