Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review for Desired by Mila Elizabeth Brenton


In the newest installment of Mila Elizabeth Brenton's Restless Nights series, we find that we are thrown into the world of Luc and Mackenzie.

Both were sweethearts until something happened that only one of them knows about. With that being said, we aren't in their past but rather their present where they are thrown back together because of Mackenzie's lifestyle.

Mackenzie is a model and when she is assaulted, her brother wants her to be protected and the only person he trusts to do it is Luc. Kenzie isn't too happy about this but she has no choice but to allow Luc to protect her while she's on her mandatory vacation. The feelings between the two were never gone, just pushed aside because neither of them knew the other side of the story for their breakup. When they are in the same house, the feelings flare and they find themselves back where they left off. They talk about what happened and realized that things could have gone much differently than they did.

Mila Elizabeth Brenton is great at capturing her readers attention and just keeping it until the very end. Each of her books is steamy as promised and holds just enough conflict for the reader to sink their teeth into it. If you haven't checked out her other book Sinful than I suggest that you do that.


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