Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review for A Witch's Curse by M.L. Stephens


M.L. Stephens has done it again! This is by far the most amazing Broken Series novel! Hecate and Drago will capture the readers attention from the very first page and take them on a journey that leads them from the past, through the present, and into the future.

Hecate was resurrected by Claire's coven before her fight with Lucian. What they didn't know was that Hecate was being watched by the shifter Drago. While he watched, he tried to find a time that he could approach her as he'd planned to do his entire life, only the Fates intervened. 

Because of what happened in the past, Hecate intertwined her present and future with Drago without even realizing it. With the help of her lover Packto and the gods of Ancient Greece, the future was set. Battle ensued and helped push the plan forward.

When hate becomes love and that love is threatened by someone who is your own blood, but someone you want to kill, what do you do? For Drago the choice was simple, save the woman he loved no matter the cost. With the help of Claire and Hunter, they do exactly that. From there, what happens next is up to Drago and Hecate. 

Hot witches, shifters, evil, and the never failing use of magic, M.L. Stephens brings a world forward that will change your views on the supernatural world. Not everything is as it seems and behind every myth and fairy tale, there truth, even if it's only a little.


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