Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review for My Savior Forever by Vicki Green


While some of the content in this book shouldn't be read for those under 18, this was a good book about loss and of found love. Vicki Green does an amazing job and showing the relationship dynamics not only between Jesse and Cassie but also Allie and Thomas as well as the other characters that she mentions.

Cassie has had a hard life and it's only getting harder. When she's kidnapped, she's not sure she's even going to make it through this ordeal. But, much to her surprise she is saved by the most gorgeous man that she's ever laid eyes on. Instantly her heart goes out to him for saving her and all the little things that he does for her after that make her fall in love with him.

Jesse is the kind of man who won't tell much about his past but he would take care of someone he cares about no matter what the cost. When he saves Cassie, he vows that he'll always be there to take care of her and spoil her. And that he does. (If only more men were like this right?)

Jesse and Cassie don't have it perfect after that. They have to go through several setbacks but they deal with them together and come out stronger for it. In the end Cassie and Jesse get their happily ever after with the promise of more.



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