Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review for Shattered and Shaken by J. Bailes


Allie doesn't just go through one thing that rattles her world. She goes through three.

1. She lost her father to cancer

2. She lost her brother in a war

3. Her boyfriend took her most prized possession and leaves her heartbroken and having to deal with all the things that she'd gone through in life alone.

Well, not entirely alone, she's got her best friend. Blake becomes the person that she depends on and goes to when she needs to get things off her chest. With Blake's help Allie is able to allow her heart to heal from all that she's gone through and become happy again.

Blake and Allie stay happy together even though Blake doesn't just want to be Allie's friend, she wants to be Allie's best friend, he wants Allie to be his. He wants to be the one who holds her and keeps her heart from getting broken again.

Until...it does.

J. Bailes does a spectacular job at showing the process of going through a broken heart not only from a horrible breakup as well as the pain of losing not one but two people who are close to you. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and reading about a story of mending a broken heart not once, but twice.



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