Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review for Together Forever by Vicki Green


Vicki Green caught my attention with My Savior Forever. She went with a simple storyline and turned it into something extraordinary. Then she went and upped it by writing Together Forever.

Cassie and Jesse have been through hell but come out on the winning team. They got married and had their twins. Not only that, but they're completely in love.

Then there's Allie, Jesse's little sister. Allie hasn't had the easiest life. While she's beautiful, sweet, funny, and smart, she's had to deal with assholes who only want her for one thing. Not only that but she's had to deal with her parents and the crap that they put her through by trying to control her life and saying that they'll disown her for even the littlest things that she does. It's almost as if they don't want her to be happy.

Allie met Shane in My Savior Forever and the two of them hit it off. They quickly became best friends with the slightest (okay not so slight) hint of them going further. It was inevitable with how they were with each other.

When they finally do take that extra step, they fall completely head over heels in love. From there they should find their happily ever after right? Wrong. That is where their story is just starting.

Much like Cassie and Jesse, Allie and Shane have to deal with her past coming to bite her in the ass. Allie and Shane go through hell, but not alone. The two of them have Cassie, Jesse, and a wonderful set of friends that would do anything for them. With the help from those around them, they do eventually find their happily ever after; despite the bumps in the road that lead them there.



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