Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review for The Gray Ghost Inn by Jay Mims


When a simple relaxing vacation turns into a murder investigation, what do you do?

Dan just wants to spend some vacation time with his best friend Leroy and get away from work. The plan is to go to The Gray Ghost Inn and just relax. But Dan's partner Abbey wants time to relax and get away as well. But, with Abbey and Dan together, they always manage to find some sort of trouble.

The vacation that was suppose to be relaxing and time to forget work and spend time with friends turns into a murder investigation during a snow storm. The only suspects are those that run the inn. But, how do they know who is the murderer? Will they find out before there is another body?

Jay Mims does a great job at sucking the reader into this thrilling tale. Around every turn is something new that the reader won't expect. It's hard to put down and easy to find that some of the evidence points in the wrong direction. Just don't pick the wrong suspect...


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