Friday, May 31, 2013

Review for Apocalypse

The general overview of this book is as the title suggests the apocalypse. Each story shows how the writer views how the world will end. Some range from the world ending in earthquakes and fire to being invaded by aliens.

Fade to Black: this is a twist on how a guy trusts another to be able to get to his sister in what he believes is a zombie attack. When he finally gets to his sister, he finds out that the guy he'd been trusting all along was actually one of the "zombies"

Artificial Life: This is where woman believes that she is the reason the world ended. There is a space station that they try to get to but her partner ends up dying. After harvesting her eggs, she believes that she can create an new race of humans. She also switches souls of her love and the man that she ends up being with because he is the only one left alive.

Shelf Life: How long can you live without food? Well that's the question. Shannon is searching for any other signs of life besides her and her dog. She meets up with Josh and they begin to try and travel out of town so that they don't get caught up by the search teams. Shannon learns that Josh was part of these teams and almost stops trusting him, but she puts what little trust she has in him and escapes with him.

Welcome to the End of the World: A woman is trapped in her basement by some crazy guy who is taunting her and living in her house. She also has hallucinations about her husband being there with her, but soon remembers that he isn't there. To fight for her life and the life of the child she is carrying, she ends up killing her would be murderer and going out to find her family in hopes that they are alive.

Lotion: Two guys stuck together. One only leaves his safe place to get supplies from his apartment and find the other. He is shocked to learn that he knows nothing about what has happened because he's been holed up in his apartment for a month. They are stuck together no matter how much they hate to admit it. Not only that, but they are exact opposites of each other.

Until the End: Sometimes people aren't always what you think they are. They act one way and then are actually the opposite. That's how it is in this story. There is a coworker who acts dumb but is actually quite sophisticated but she is also a zombie.

I Know My First Name is Clossiana: An alien planet is invaded with humans and there is only one left alive. The last thing she remembers is her love telling her that they know their secret.

Save Me: Abandoned by her last remaining family member, Raven goes on the run from the aliens that have invaded Earth and are taking hostages. She meets up with a boy and together they survive.

Canyon Bound: This is the story of the last survivors heading towards the last place they believe is safe. A canyon. They have to go through some tough problems in order to get there safely but their lives depend on it.

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