Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review for Bound by Love by Emily Jane Trent

Each time I pick up another book by Emily Jane Trent, I find that it was hotter than the last one. Natalie and Tanner continue to grow in their relationship not only in the bedroom -as well as everywhere else- but out of it.

Natalie's family now lives in New York so that she can be closer to her sick mother and help her mother get the care that she needs. Not only is it nice that her mother and sister are living closer, but her sister is now developing a romance with her best friend and Natalie couldn't be happier about her.

Her company is hitting it off and Tanner is no longer expecting her to work for him unless he asks her specifically although he isn't because he wants her to focus on hers. A friend of Tanner's picked up Natalie's designs and now there is another person who wants to pick them up as well.

While all this is going on, Natalie and Tanner go back to where it all started...the concert hall where he left her.

How will going back to a very sentimental location effect Tanner and Natalie? Read Bound by Love to find out!

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