Friday, May 17, 2013

Review for Deep Obsession by Emily Jane Trent

The story of Natalie and Tanner continues to capture the reader as the scene changes to Russia. In the bitter cold of a different country, Natalie and Tanner are still going strong as ever.

Between working on her new business and spending time with her friend Cheryl, she still finds time to do as Tanner wishes of her. Their relationship continues as it always has but is it moving out of sexual and into a deeper commitment?

Can Natalie even ask Tanner of something different or is she comfortable where she is? All that she knows is that her obsession with Tanner has grown deeper than what it was when they first met.

She's been obsessed with him ever since that first meeting in the concert hall. Her every waking moment was consumed with thoughts of him and when she met him again after she moved to New York and fell into his lifestyle, she realized that she's been obsessed with him all along.

Is her obsession good for her or will it lead her into some trouble that she might not be able to get out of? Read Deep Obsession to get more of Natalie and Tanner's relationship.

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