Monday, May 20, 2013

Review for Forbidden Pleasures by Emily Jane Trent

Natalie and Tanner's relationship goes to the next level. Natalie can't seem to get enough of Tanner and the more she gets into his lifestyle, the more she wants of it. She finds herself craving him more than she did before. She continues to explore the things that Tanner likes and finds that it turns her on more than she thought possible. She would do anything to continue with the things that Tanner likes.

The couple continue to capture the readers attention with not only their sexual appetite, but also the way that Tanner cares for Natalie outside of the bedroom. The way that Tanner helps Natalie continue to build her business and the expensive gifts and dinners that he takes her out for.

Emily Trent does a great job at showing how this relationship grows and how the two of them change themselves to fit the other. She is consistent and doesn't change a character's personality from book to book. They are easy books to get into as long as you're into the genre and the content of the book.

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