Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review for This Love of Mine by Amanda Bennett

A girl with a broken past who hopes that she can make a better life for herself and a country boy who wants nothing more than to move out and get on with his life.

Kayla's journey isn't an easy one. She's had to survive some brutal reality with her mom on drugs and drinking, her dad gone tending to his new family, and her boyfriend on drugs and not caring that other girls were hanging all over him. She made life the best she could and depended on her best friend Cami a lot. When she tried to leave, she found that leaving is a lot harder than staying.

Madison was more than ready to move out and get to Arizona so that he could start his training camp until his granddad asked him to pick up the James' granddaughter. The instant he laid eyes on her, he couldn't resist her. Although his granddad told him to stay away from her, he couldn't and found that he wouldn't.

When the two of them start opening up to each other, sparks fly. Kayla opens up and becomes softer and happier. Madison pushes off his training so that he can spend more time with her. Life is good until he decides that he's going to go and leave her to live her life in Texas with her grandparents. Both are brokenhearted but they know that somehow they'll end up together.

In the end Kayla's memories of Madison leaving are tainted by her ex returning to her life.

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