Friday, May 10, 2013

Short interview with the fantastic Felicia Tatum

Where did you come up with the idea of heart mates as first mentioned in The White Aura?
            Honestly, I was just thinking of “soulmates” and wanted to change it up. So what better than a mate connected to your heart? Heart mates!

Are any of your characters based off people that you know in real life?
            Sadie is based off me! We’re both quite the sassy girls. And Juniper is based off a good friend of mine, Laura.

Does Olivia’s white aura have anything to do with what her parents are?
            Most definitely. Since she is a special, one of a kind combination, she gets her own color!

In The Vessel Scott and Aiden are constantly going at each other. Is that really out of jealousy or is it because of what Aiden did when he was being used?
            A little bit of both. Scott doesn’t like that Liv is being so nice to him, after everything that happened, and is jealous because she spent those months locked up with him and they were alone. He is a guy!

How does Juniper and Mark’s relationship work with her being so different than what she was and what he is?
            I think they make it work because they had a connection before any of this happened. They’ve had feelings for each other for as long as they can remember, even though they were too chicken to do anything about it!

How/When did the inspiration hit you to write this series?
            I had a dream about and once I started writing, it just went from there!! 

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