Monday, May 6, 2013

Review for Stone Cold by Eva LeNoir

This is another brilliant work by Eva LeNoir, not to mention it is a great continuation of her Underdogs of the Arena series.

This is the point of view not of Ellen the new Lightweight champion, but of her coach Jared Stone.

Jared has his life back in order, the attack on Ellen and Nash was taken care of and he can go back to training his clients while Ellen basks in her mated glory. Or at least he thinks so until the woman who destroyed him shows up in the arena.

Her name: Sloane and she is the source of his anger as well as the key to unlocking his emotions. She was the only woman he ever loved or will love. But, the pain she caused him in the past keeps him at bay as wanting to pull her into his arms and claiming her as his again.

Events peruse and Stones not only ends up in one fight that night, but two. In the end he pushes aside his stone cold attitude and takes Sloane back into his life as his.

I can't wait for the third book. This is a great combination of shifters and vampires. Not everyone is mated and there is no indication that everyone will be. There is the perfect amount of conflict as there is love making. The males are very possessive of their females and always willing to give their lives to protect them.

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